Hiring a limousine in Chicago

If you live in Chicago, you know it is a big city which requires the constant accompaniment of a car to quickly move around. If you are not a resident of Chicago and are just visiting for business or pleasure, then you should make sure that you have a reserved a vehicle to pick you up from an airport and help you reach your destination. Before booking a limo, make sure you check the our Limo rates to O’Hare Airport or Midway airport.

Before reserving a car, try and identify your requirements so that you have the right vehicle.

Reasons for hiring a limousine

Here are the good reasons to book our limousine to travel in Chicago:

Wedding – if you are looking for a car that will assist you during a wedding party, then a limousine is the right choice. It not only has the option of seating a lot of passengers, but also is extremely luxurious and impressive.

Travelling in a group – if you have a big travel party along with you, then you should be hiring a limousine. With a big party comprising of many members, this will be an economical option for you. If you are travelling into the city, then the best idea would be to compare the Limo rates to O’Hare Airport as offered by different companies before selecting one.

Corporate trips – limousine is the ideal car for corporate or VIP trips; it is impressive, spacious, luxurious and can seat a good number of people. A limo is ideal for having on-the-move business meetings and conferences.

Reserving a limousine

Make sure that you do a thorough research on the options before booking a limousine in Chicago. Our company will provide you with a very fair deal and solid service. You could select an airport van or book a limo for an occasion or your visit to the city. No matter why you are booking a limo make sure you know your options well.

Approximate rates to or from O’Hare Airport

City of Chicago covers 234 square miles hence limo travel rates vary greatly. Here is a list of approximate Limo rates to O’Hare Airport or from the airport to the city.

  • 3 passenger sedan can be hired from $54 and up
  • 6 passenger limousine – approximately $81
  • 10 passenger limousine – approximately $97
  • 14 passenger limousine – approximately $125

To get exact quote please go to our limo reservation form and in a minute you will know how much your trip costs either airport transfer or hourly charter.

Tips for limousine

Whether you are booking a limousine to attend a wedding, go to the prom, for a business trip, to or from the airport or for any personal occasion, here are certain tips that you should keep in mind for a safe, happy and luxurious ride.

No matter how reputed the company that you hire the limousine from ensure that you check all paperwork before boarding the car.
Once your ride is over, and you would like to show appreciation to a driver your tip to the chauffeur with a customary 15%-20% of the fare would be extremely appreciated.

After checking the Limo rates to O’Hare Airport or the city and booking the limousine, enjoy your ride.

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