Hourly Limo Service

The ride in a limo which combined safety and luxury remained beyond the reach of an average person until the emergence of rental limo services. And, to make the deal even sweeter, our modern company even offers hourly limo services. Despite the utmost affordability it offers, renting a limo on an hourly basis requires great caution. Here are some helpful insights in the matter.

Know what you want

Remember, you do not travel in a limo on a daily basis. Getting the right kind of limo depends completely on your understanding of the model which would be right for you. Determine the exact number of hours you are planning to make use of the limo service. This becomes vital due to the fact that you are not restricted with regard to time duration. If yours is a large group, going for an hourly limo service may not be the right choice. Hourly limo services require that you pay on an hourly basis for every single member of your group. And, this may go well above your calculations if not planned well in advance.

If your destination is a well-known location like a ski resort in the area, going for a package is highly recommended. A package deal allows you to save huge while having a ride enjoying all the amenities you consider ideal for your enjoyment. Our limo company offers all-inclusive parties depending on the size of your group and the number of hours you wish to make use of the service. It may also happen that the companies which offer hourly limo service may have a set time as the minimum hours of ride if you wish to get this benefit. Call us if minimum hourly limit is an issue and we will do our best to accommodate what you have in mind.

The minimum hourly rate differs depending the model of vehicle you opt for. You should also do a comparison shopping before making any final commitment.  Keep in mind that rates vary from company to company and what separates us from the others is that the number we lay out in front of you is the accurate number you are going to pay. With others many times you would get a low vague base number with multiple fees buried in remarks and notes. That is why our prices might seem somewhat higher, but at the end you will save!

And, an hourly limo service is not an exception. An attempt to know the past records of the hourly limo service provider of your choice too is an effort worth taking. Our limo company is over 13 years in business and has over 20 years of experience and a good reputation in the industry. And, do not forget to be specific with regard to your pickup time. Creating a situation where the limo has to wait for you may be a strain on your budget with any company.

Advantages of making use of an hourly limo service

If you are willing to spend a bit, hourly limo service is definitely an option worth considering. It gives you the power to command the driver to take you to any location of your choice. Your ride always remains safe because the chauffeur takes good care for you waiting for your instructions at every stop during the journey. We are attentive to your time line and requests, and our hourly limo service allows you to make on-spot modifications to your schedule. Many time we even allow you to stay somewhere during the course of the journey if situation asks for it. Or we can leave you to enjoy an event and pick you up later.

Go ahead, ride in style and luxury to wherever you wish with an hourly limo service! Call us 773-234-5010 and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

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