Limo Drivers’ Arrival Guide

Arrival and Waiting: Upon reaching O’Hare, follow Terminal 1 signage to locate designated areas for commercial vehicles, such as limos, for parking or waiting. Look out for specified zones tailored for pickups.

Communication: Stay connected with your passenger to confirm the meeting spot, typically arranged in advance. This rendezvous could be curbside or a specific point inside the terminal.

Pickup Procedures:

Curbside Waiting: As a limo driver, you might have a stipulated time for waiting curbside. Verify this timeframe with the airport’s ground transportation office or adhere to specific regulations.

Designated Pickup Spots: O’Hare Terminal 1 designates zones for limo pickups, primarily near door 1E on the lower level of the second lane. Familiarize yourself with these locations and comply with airport guidelines.

Flight Monitoring: Keep track of flight status, particularly for delays, ensuring a timely pickup.

Passenger Communication: Upon arrival, communicate with the passenger to confirm the meeting point—often the baggage claim area or a specific terminal location.

Assisting with Luggage: Offer assistance with passenger luggage and maintain professional, courteous service.

Adhering to Airport Regulations: Abide by all airport rules and policies concerning pickups and drop-offs. Stay informed about recent updates or modifications.

Useful Reminders:

Professionalism: Uphold a professional demeanor and appearance when engaging with passengers and airport personnel.

Identification Display: Ensure clear visibility of your limo service ID or permit while awaiting pickups. Sometimes relaying the limo’s license plate to passengers for identification is sufficient. At times, a specific placard might be required, as instructed by your dispatcher.

Prearranged Details: When feasible, prearrange pickup specifics with passengers to minimize confusion and waiting times.

Traffic and Timing: Be mindful of traffic conditions, especially during peak hours, to ensure efficient pickups.

Safety and Compliance: Adhere to safety regulations and traffic laws during pickups and while operating within the airport premises. If asked by a police officer to vacate, safely communicate with passengers or your dispatcher.

Stay updated with the airport’s ground transportation policies, as these may undergo periodic changes. Consider contacting the airport’s ground transportation office for specific guidelines or updates relating to limo pickups at Terminal 1, O’Hare Airport.

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