Fourth of July travel expected to reach record-high

Get ready for some Fourth of July fun and travel madness! This year, the holiday falls on a Tuesday, so Americans are gearing up to hit the road and take off on Friday, June 30. The American Automobile Association (AAA) claims it’s going to be a “record-breaking” weekend of travel. Hold on tight!

Can you believe it? A whopping 50.7 million Americans are preparing to travel 50 miles or more to celebrate the national holiday. That’s like trying to fit the entire population of a small country into a gigantic car! And get this—there’s a two-million-person increase from last year. Looks like people are ready to escape and let loose!

Of course, there are different ways to travel. Around 4.17 million adventurers will soar through the skies on planes, while 3.36 million will take on other transportation modes like trains, rocket ships, or maybe even magic carpets. But guess what? The real stars of the show are the 43.2 million folks hitting the road in their trusty automobiles. They’re ready to cruise, sing along to the radio, and snack their way to Independence Day!

So buckle up, my fellow road warriors, and brace yourselves for a journey filled with traffic jams, hilarious roadside attractions, and sing-alongs that would make any carpool karaoke enthusiast proud. Let the great American road trip begin!

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