3 passenger Mercedes s550 limo

Great stylish option to make an entrance

Think that an good ol’ Town Car is too much of a cliche? Here’s a great opportunity to arrive in style and make a statement. Introducing a latest model of s550 Mercedes Benz. This great vehicle gets more refined as time marches on. This is an example of the automobile as high art which will delight your every sense and leave not much of a room for even picky ones to complain.

Built with style and safety in mind it not only gives you a sense of comfort but also confidence when riding in it, it seamlessly uses latest built in technology advancements to make your ride as safe as it can get. Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Blind Spot Assist with ESP brake intervention helps driver control the car giving you, the passenger, more peace of mind.

Looking stately enough to transport, appropriately, a head of state, our Mercedes Benz S550 limousine is imposing and confident at the same time. But just for added emphasis they’ve equipped it with the Sport Package Plus One. Add to that impression reclining, heated and ventilated rear seats and you have what reminds you of a spa on wheels. Dynamic built in bolsters would help smoothen that sharp turn ahead, in-seat massage functions will help relieve the back pain and keep you awake.

Mercedes Benz s550 interior limo

Abundant leg space at the passenger seat

Use of Mercedes Benz s550 as limousine

Mercedes Benz s550 is an exceptional option when used as a limousine. it is a luxury spacious car which can be used for a multitude of purposes: from going to an airport to moving important clients around the town in style and respectful comfort.

This luxury car is appropriate anywhere a passenger needs to make a statement or take some boredom off the lengthy trip. It is not just a ride, it will help to supplement your personal style. Even if you are on the road you do not have to give up your style, right?

Mercedes s550 will help to make a spectacular entrance if you are going to prom or this is your first (second, third…) date. Impress your partner, it will be worth every penny!

Suggested use for 3 passenger Mercedes Benz s550

Chicago Limousine service with Mercedes Benz s550

medcedes benz s550 leather back seating

comparison of Mercedes s550 s500 side by side length and posture

Mercedes Benz s550 limousine black by color, stylish by nature

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